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The following information has been kindly supplied by teachers, parents and students who tried and tested Ultimate Maths Invaders and liked what they found! Read on to find out just what they thought was great

Teacher Review

Carefully-sequenced Maths Progression
Ultimate Maths Invaders includes many features which make it a lot more purposeful acquisition for both school and home use. The carefully-sequenced maths progression caters for students from Kindergarten to Junior High School. At Level 1 students are operating at early stage 1 with questions such as 4 - 1 or successfully identifying groups of 9. At Level 10 (Junior High School, stage 4) questions include 1600 divided by 40, 6695 x 7, 9129 - 9123 and 3 squared.

Specifically lower primary activities include counting, numeration, addition and subtraction. Middle Primary activities include numeration and place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions and decimals and squares and square roots. Upper primary and junior secondary levels cover numeration and place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions and decimals, squares and square roots, percentages, powers and directed numbers.

Key Features
Algorithms are presented horizontally and vertically, individual records are maintained, performances are tracked, and records of incorrect answers are kept. There are a wide range of speed settings and increasing incentive and skill challenges with users prompted to advance when a level has been mastered. The volume on Ultimate Maths Invaders can be muted for classroom use or increased dramatically to add to the excitement The full-screen 3D graphics are in keeping with current computer development and a big improvement on the original version of Maths Invaders. As such, they are in keeping with children’s expectations. The questions close in more quickly with each wave you complete and some questions can pull away from the pack at any time to provide an extra challenge. Answering the questions that slide across the top of the screen scores bonus points. Players earn a different ship for each wave of questions completed.

Clear Curriculum links
The .pdf file linking Ultimate Maths Invaders levels to curriculum stages and outcomes will be as much appreciated by parents as it is by teachers. In the classroom, students can be placed quickly and effectively to appropriate skill levels. The variety of ‘games’ available also caters for individual differences and keyboard skills within a level.
Younger children will need some assistance getting through the early screens to begin playing their game as there is a certain amount of reading. Once started on an appropriate level, students will soon manage the keyboard skills needed to navigate the screen and play the game.

Ultimate Maths Invaders is a game children will enjoy as a means to improving maths skills, a boon to busy teachers and a well-constructed program of arithmetical skills for home use.

Mr Ken Docksey, Teacher, ICT Coordinator & Assistant Principal
(Sandon Primary School)

Parent Review

“For once I don’t have to argue with the kids to do their home work as they love your programs. Both their maths and spelling have improved out of sight. I strongly recommend your programs to every body I speak to. I must say that if home and school are supporting each other it has to be a lot easier on our children.” – Jenny, Parent

What Kids Think

“IT ROCKS DUDE! Hi-tech, fun and full of maths! The Ultimate choice. I like Ultimate Maths Invaders because of the tension and the fun in defeating the maths waves. Cool dude!” – Jessica, age 12

“Ultimate Maths Invaders is a good game and is an exciting way to learn Maths.” – William, age 11

“It is really cool because it’s not too easy and not too hard.” – Charlotte, age 8

“I think this excellent game will really help kids with their maths. I really enjoy playing it!” – Isabelle, age 11

“I really like this game and I think everyone should be able to play it!” – Lote, age 7

“I think it’s amazing that you can alter it to make the maths easy or hard. It makes pencil and paper stoneage! Thanks very much” – David, age 11

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